Disposal of furniture

If you have a problem with old furniture or equipment spoiled is the right place.
Run a business, you need the necessary documents to the photo of the states of unnecessary things. Our company will assist you in finding the optimal way to dispose of this almost everything. We cooperate with the leading giants in the recycling industry.
You do not have to compare offers from multiple companies? we will do it for you.
We will present the best prices to get rid of the old cabinets or desks destroyed. Damaged furniture will no longer standing in the corners and they took place.

Destroying Documents
Together with our partners involved in the destruction of old documents only we will safeguard you pack and ship it to the place of destruction not only documents but also all kinds of media.
Devices our partners meet the European standards including DIN 32757, so you get in the process of destroying documentation consistent with the degree of illegibility I, II, III and IV class of secrecy. We guarantee complete illegibility of any document entrusted to us.
After the service we spend:

  1. Protocol niearchiwalnej destruction of records.
  2. Film documentation of the destruction process (on request) on DVD

Remember, time is money, in one company Can you get moving, furniture disposal or destruction of documents.
It is for you we will find the optimal solution for getting rid of the old documentation.