Moving ALFA & OMEGA Poznan!

For nearly 20 years, we provide transport services in Poznan and other Polish cities. On request, we will take even moving internationally .

We are able to handle not require transport involving the carriage of even a few furniture. Every day also help in moving offices or entire companies and institutions. Not only in Poznan , but throughout Europe. Our main goal is to efficiently organize your move .

Each transport service or transport condition a number of factors. Price particular move within Poznan is estimated by us in a different way than, for example. Removals international . For this reason, each order is treated individually.

Those living in Poznan, we offer service pricing move – at home or the office . This visit is free and, most importantly, does not oblige to perform the carriage . To meet customer expectations, we try to carefully review the scale of the potential move . This helps in estimating the exact price , which is important for both sides. Such a method is preferred and essential especially in removals companies . We also provide valuation telephone.

In addition to the provision of services in the field of removals in Poznan and the surrounding area we dispose of furniture and destruction of documents.