How are we doing

1. Valuation

The first stage – Valuation

The first stage of each service is to acquaint with the needs and expectations of the customer. It is therefore important to letters written by you contain the most important data to estimate the cost of services such as:

  • Furniture list of approximate dimensions (or the number of rooms or square footage, home, office)
  • town, from which and to which a State shall, from the floor to which floor, distance from the cages and their width,
  • Information about heavy furniture and antiques (furniture, these require other security personnel and increased working)
  • contact number, which we use in the event of additional questions.

You can also call us by phone and obtain information about the approximate cost of services. The more details will contain a list of the furniture will be more accurate valuation.
If you have the opportunity and live in Poznan and the surrounding area can make an individual valuation of your home or office. Such visits are free of charge and do not oblige to deliver the service. They serve thorough hearing with the scale of the project and exact estimation of the price. This is the preferred method of valuation and indispensable especially in the relocations of companies.

2. Planning

The second stage – Planning

After reading through your costs and you accept the services we start preparations for the same move. This is the most important stage, as a good preparation for the service and you will save us a lot of valuable time and make it unpleasant feelings associated with the move will be as little as possible.
When you get more services coordinator on behalf of our company, who personally oversees the progress of preparations.
At your disposal at this stage we have boxes that deliver customer for up to two weeks before the service, and we receive from a client in the standard after a week.
Renting cartons is not associated with an extra charge, and the amount depends on the individual needs. The standing offer we have several thousand pieces.
In addition to the cartons they are necessary, especially for larger services, identification sticker that is glued on furniture and objects which makes it arrive exactly to a particular room.

3. Moving

The third stage – Moving

rzeprowadzka. Apart from the specialized personnel to safely move your property, we use specialized equipment and materials: belts, special blankets, bubble wrap, tape, rubber, stretch film and polystyrene. Specialized platform trucks we use to move particularly heavy furniture and appliances, even the most delicate floors and floors without scratching. To complete the move, we only use the type meblowóz cars with a capacity of 19 m3 to 49 m3 of container-building with some of them is equipped with a hydraulic lift for easy transport mainly pianos, safes, photocopying or plotters.